The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #61 – The Year in Review

The year is coming to a close and before we start to celebrate the coming of 2017 I thought it might be fun to look back at the year that was.  In this episode we go over the numbers from last year and try to find any tendencies or patterns in the data.

I am also interested to hear if any of this is normal or abnormal.  If you’ve got numbers from your year please share them in the comments below or let me know on instagram.

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A Big Thank You

I also wanted to thank everybody that has donated to the podcast.  We had a great first week and it was fun hearing from everybody on how much they enjoy listening to the show.

I really do appreciate the support!

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2 Responses

  1. Vinicius Naldi

    Hey man just want to say thanks for all the work. I’m a designer for film and tv and can’t wait to start doing some dp, but as usual I have no idea where and how to start. Your podcast is def helping. Best

  2. Patryk

    I agree 100 % about agency and client stuff about shrinking budgets and more control. In Poland they always are telling “it is small stuff to do, you know small budget …” and so on. But finally they want Nike, big budget level commercial, but you don’t have tools to do it… I don’t know what’s about, world is changing in not good way… Great Podcasts! Cheers!