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Show Notes

On this episode of The Wandering DP Podcast we are trying to breakdown a recent commercial I shot.  Hopefully you can follow along and get something out of this.  This commercial was unique for a few different reasosn so I thought it would be fun to take a look at how it was put together.  Enjoy this making of podcast.

TWDP 024: What You’ll Hear in this Episode

I am going to do my best to break this thing down for you.  Don’t be ashamed if you get completely lost and can’t follow along.  I was completely lost when I listened back to it and I was there on the day.

The Commercial

The commercial we are going to be discussing can be seen below.

IINET – Netflix

Below is a series of Behind the Scenes stills that I will talk about in the podcast.  Enjoy.

The Making Of

1. The Wide – 32mm Master Prime
12. The Location – No Light


3.  Inside with the Backlight set up & 12x12s of 1/4 grid out the windows.
iinet-44. The Key Light – 6k through 1/8 CTO then through 12×12 1/4 Grid
iinet-125.  The Back light.  575w HMI with 1/4 CTO
iinet-176. Outside with 12x12siinet-13

7. The M18 for Fill

iinet-109.  The Close Up2

10.  1st AD Stand In with Lighting from the Wide
iinet-811.  Different Angleiinet-7

13. The 1.2kw key with the window

14. The Camera with the 4×4 fill and the Key Lightiinet-16Subscribe to the Podcast

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6 Responses

  1. Sombit

    Hey awesome work! How much did you ND down to? What stop did you shoot this?

  2. kate

    Awesome work! Patrick, your podcasts are so helpful! Thank you for all your hard work and time putting these together!

  3. Santiago

    This is one of the best resources for people wanting to explore into the depth of cinematography.
    quick question, if you don’t mind. did you know beforehand which f stop you wanted to use? or do you make that call depending on the amount of light you had coming through the back windows?

    p.s. finally caught up with the podcast. you are the man.