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And so it begins…

This is the very first episode of The Wandering DP Podcast and to get us started we go over the basic introduction to the show.  The format will be fairly loose but we highlight a few key items that will be re-occurring for the first few episodes.

The first section we highlight is Inspiration Corner.

This part of the show will consist of:

  • Interesting videos, stills, movies, educational events that can help motivate and inspire you to be a better cinematographer/photographer
  • Highlight individuals who are pushing the boundaries of the art form
  • Not just limited to the above because inspiration can come from all around us

The next segment is titled, Style Uncovered.

In Style Uncovered we will breakdown:

  • A technical issue in cinematography
  • Research on how style from around the world is crafted
  • How you can incorporate or learn from the examples

The last section is Capturing Better Images.  This is the Q&A section of the podcast where we:

  • Get to the bottom of a listener question
  • Help shed a little light on cinematography queries
  • Hopefully build a community where if I don’t know the answer someone else will

The show finishes up with a few formalities and details the different types of shows and interview formats listeners can expect to hear on the podcast.

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Bruno Aveillan – Vimeo Profile

Friends of the ASC – Education for Cinematographers – Cinematography Forum

Roger Deakins Forum – Lessons from a Cinematography Legend

Cinematography Mailing List – CML

Reduser – Forum for RED cameras & news

DVXuser – General cinematography forum with a focus on lower budget productions

Other Episodes Mentioned in this Podcast:

TWDP 002: Max Goldman & Dirty Abstraction

TWDP 003: Anamorphics & Bjorn Charpentier (Part 1)

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