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This week on episode #2 of the Wandering DP Podcast we sit down with acclaimed commercial cinematographer Max Goldman.  Max breaks down his latest work shooting for Carhartt as well as talking about how he got started in cinematography.

In the interview we go over Max’s background at the American Film Institute where he received his Master’s in Cinematography.  We discuss his start in music videos and how he has made the transition from that world to the commercial world.  We finish up by talking gear and how Max prefers the Arri Alexa XT combined with vintage lenses to take his looks to the next level.

Things you will learn in the Episode:

– Why Max pushes the Arri Alexa internally to 1280 or even 1600 ISO

– How Max got his big break and why his choice to shoot 16mm with Lomo Anamorphics paid off

– Why Max likes to use Canon K35s when shooting digital

– The importance of his relationship with his colorist, Company 3’s Tom Poole.

– What key tools he uses on every set to get his looks

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Max Goldman’s Website
  2. American Film Institute – Cinematography
  3. Max’s latest commercial work for the brand Carhartt.  Shot on Alexa & Canon K35 lenses.  Colored by Tom Poole.
  4. The Killers – When We Were Young
  5. Max’s Colorist: Company 3’s Tom Poole
  6. Arri Alexa XT – Max’s preferred digital camera
  7. Canon K-35 PL Mount Lens Set
  8. Easyrig Cinema 3
  9. Cooke Xtal Anamorphic Lenses

Inspiration Corner

Feature: Hello, Tomorrow

Director: Seb Edwards

DP: Lasse Frank

Style Uncovered

Project Example: Federation University – Bugs

Director: Matt Holcolmbe

DP: Edward Goldner

Capturing Better Images

Red Exposure Guide

RED Epic Technical Details

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One Response

  1. Justin

    I really enjoyed the episode you did with Max. I found it to be very relatable. I’m in my early stages of my career (first 5 years)… so I appreciated the both of you for sharing your advice, experience, and perspective.
    Thank you for pointing out the logistics of ISO adjustments on digital… It made perfect sense in my mind instantly, the way you explained the remapping. I put that advice to work on my most recent shoot, shooting RAW in a lower light at base ISO to increase my shadow latitude. I’ve also been testing with it around the house… It appears that you have unlocked a new way for me to approach my work. Brilliant, sir!
    As for Max. Jesus man… Thank you for that Carhartt spot. It was incredibly well shot, and the dark nature of it was just f***ing perfect.
    I grew up in Indiana… I’ve got my own Carhartts & know people who put in serious labor in theirs on the daily. You captured the mood, and that feeling of manliness you stated that you were aiming for, exceedingly well!

    Keep up the great work, all the best to the both of you.