Leica Photo

Light & Shadow

Some days I just want to take pictures.  I don’t want to change the world with my photos, I don’t want to get new clients with the photos, I just want to walk around and take notes on how the light is interacting with the shadows.

Some guys are composition guys and some guys are lighting guys.  I definitely fall into the lighting camp.  They aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to taking great photos but I define myself as a light guy becuase that is usually what attracts my attention to a particular composition.

I see a shadow raking across a wall or a shaft of light piercing through a curtain and I like the shape it takes.  Then I will compose the frame around the light to capture what setting I like the best.

Leica M240

Leica Photo

Inside the House

So this afternoon I spent an hour or so just searching in the rooms and hallways of my house trying to spot new light and new photos that I hadn’t seen before.

I take lots of photos of my house but it is always fun challenging myself to see the world around me in a different light.

These images are just a few of what I captured.

Leica Photo

The Spot

Do you have spots that you go back to again and again to photograph?  What tricks do you use to keep it fresh and exciting?

Leica Photo