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In this episode of the Wandering DP Podcast we sit down with Australian cinematographer Jeremy Rouse.  Jeremy has shot everything from music videos to commercials and in the interview he shares his thoughts on the working process, how he examines a location when scouting, and what is getting him excited about the art of cinematography.

Cinematography Lighting Series:

Jeremy shared a lighting diagram with us for a one shot steadicam commercial he shot using an Arri Alexa and a 27mm Panavision Primo Lens.

You can check out the finished commercial below:

Here is a preview of the diagram:

Commercial Cinematography

Commercial Cinematography

To get the full PDF simply click on the button below:


What you will hear in this Episode:

Inspiration Corner:

In this week’s Inspiration Corner we highlight the work of film and television composer Keith Kenniff.  Keith is at the top of the game in commercial sound and has worked for brands such as Facebook, Google, Apple and many, many more.

You can see/hear a few examples of his work below but to get the full experience I suggest checking out his website at

Style Uncovered:

The RED Dragon has been out in the wild for a while now but I finally got the chance to use one on a job the other week.  We take a look at how the Dragon performed and whether or not it is worth the upgrade price.

RED Dragon Specs

RED Dragon vs. MX:

Capturing Better Images:

I released a blog post during the week laying out my prep process for commercial/music video projects.  I received a few emails suggesting what I was doing was some how harmful to the artists on Vimeo.  I expand on the article and my reason for releasing it in this week’s Capturing Better Images.

If you are interested in seeing my cinematography prep method you can check out the original article here:

Cinematography Prep

Featured Interview

Jeremy Rouse – Cinematographer

Commercial Cinematography:

Origin Ad:

Bulleit Ad:

Panavision E-Series Anamorphics

Tiffen Glimmer Glass – The only tool Jeremy uses on every job.

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