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Show Notes

In this episode of The Wandering DP Podcast we chat with cinematographer and previs artist Matt Workman.

Matt has a ton of commercial & music video credits to his name and in recent times has becoming on of the leading cinematographers online sharing his knowledge of previs with the world.

We touch on some very poignant topics for modern cinematography and we also go in to Matt’s career beginnings and how he managed to build a successful career in an incredibly difficult market.

Matt shared lots of great tips and info so I hope you get out of it as much as I did.


What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

We go over Matt’s past and how he got into the film business.  How he used all the available online resources to help kickstart his cinematography career.

We shift gears into Matt’s most recent commercial work where he combines his 3d background with his knowledge of real world cinematography to make the projects he works on as efficient as possible.

Inspiration Corner

This week’s Inspiration Corner highloights two projects that I highly recommend checking out.

The first is from DP and friend of the show Mr. Chayse Irvin.  In our last episode he talked about shooting on the RED Dragon and that commercial was released last week.  Gorgeous as always.

Also I wanted to share Jeremy Rouse’s newest work for Vodafone.

I really liked the whole TVC but there was something about the interiors that had a real tangible quality to them.  Very good looking stuff.

If you are looking for some ideas for your next shoot you needn’t look any further.

Style Uncovered

Shot Professional: Shot Pro – Previs software

Capturing Better Images:

DP Larkin Seiple: Cinematography Website

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Featured Interview – DP & Previs Artist Matt Workman

Matt Workman’s website: Cinematography Work
Matt’s Previs & Cinematography Education Site: Cinematography Database

Select Works from Matt’s Portfolio
Slotomania Commercial:

Slotomania Previs:

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