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Show Stopper

Every now and again I stumble across somebodies work that stops me in my tracks.  To grab someone’s attention in today’s fast pace world of skimming, flipping, and scrolling isn’t easy. It says something for me to spend 20 minutes flicking through someones site.

Whether it is the composition or the color, the framing or the lighting, something about Greg Williams’ photos get me every time.

Greg is a successful photographer/director and has had a pretty spectacular career so far.  His website shows off his eye and talents but don’t stop there.  If you dig a bit deeper on Google you can find some real gems.


Digital Stills Motion Capture – Cinephotographer

He is famous in the cinephotographer world as he was the first to utilize the DSMC (Digital Still Motion Capture) capabilites of the RED cameras.

A cinephotographer is someone who shoots large megapixel digital film cameras with the intention of pulling individuals stills form the motion stream.

The RED One camera was the first digital camera that allowed for this process.  Greg has since published numerous images shooting motion for stills.

He has a great eye for motion and stills and every time I need a quick bit of inspiration I cruise through his website picking up new details.


Sharing Knowledge

Greg is also generous with sharing his process on capturing the images he is so well known for.  He has an Insight Photography site dedicated to breaking down some of his images and revealing little tips and tricks to help get you on your way.  The site isn’t updated as much as I’d like but it does offer up a few gems.

My personal favorite is his hand over the lens trick which he employs in the main photo at the top of this post.


Further Viewing

Whether you are looking for a little bit of inspiration or chasing a behind the scenes look at the life of a cinephotographer you can find Greg here:


Behind the scenes website:




All the photos is this article are © Greg Williams

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