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In this episode of The Wandering DP Podcast we chat with DP Benjamin Loeb.  Ben shares his journey on becoming a cinematographer, how he really wants to be a musician, and how the right  lenses can make or break a project.

Ben has one of the best reels I have seen in a long time so I was very excited when he agreed to come on and share his experiences with us.

We talked about a whole range of cinematography topics and we even got a sneak peek at Ben’s first feature which is going into the start of production at he end of this month.  Very cool stuff and we wish Ben all the best on the project.

What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Inspiration Corner

This week on Inspiration Corner we take a look at a comedy commercial that recently caught my eye.  It has a bit of humor, some nice and simple cinematography, and great execution.

Style Uncovered

Wes Anderson has an unmistakable style to his films and the framing he employs.  I was doing some research on an upcoming commercial job I am shooting and needed a bit of reference for center framing.

Center framing is a fairly unique and confronting framing choice but if you mix it in with your content as Wes does so well you can get some great results.

If you need to see how the master does it be sure to check out this great mash up of some of the director’s best work.

Capturing Better Images:

In this week’s Capturing Better Images I go over how to get started as a cinematography in the real world.

IF there is one thing I have learned in my time so fas (even for high profile DPs like the ones on the show) come through personal relationships with directors and production companies.

Get out there and make connections with people in your community and if you are nice and good at your job eventually those connections will start to translate into jobs.

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Cornetto – 40 Love Short Film

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