Leica M Instagram Shots

I finally bit the bullet and created an Instagram account. I am bad enough at social media as it is but I liked the idea of checking out all the other talented DPs on the site so I decided to give it a go.

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If you are on Instagram be sure to let me know in the comments scetion below so we can start to connect.

Breaking the Ice

To get in to the swing of things I took the 5 pics/1 place challenge.  I took the Leica M and the Summilux 50mm and went for a walk with the dog.  We made our way over to the truck stop just out of town and I decided that there was as good a place as any.

The next hour or so I walked around checking the angles and the light.  I had a self imposed rule of only taking 5 exposures so I wanted to see all my options before the light got to be just right.

Don’t ask me why but I am a sucker for street lights.  I can’t explain why but whenever I go out to take photos they always seem to creep in.  Probably because they are easy ways to break up the composition.

After a quick location scout I had decided on my shots and now all I had to do was wait for the light to be just right.

 Leica M Instagram Results

These are the five shots from that adventure:


Leica M Instagram Leica M InstagramLeica M InstagramLeica M Instagram Leica M Instagram

One Response

  1. Rick

    Awesome shots 🙂 Did you use shooting through glass technique to get that effect n some of the pics?

    Really would love to see the type of g;ass you use – I have tried broken UV filters and am experimenting with different pieces and widths of glass