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This week on the podcast we chat with Kristen Tolle-Billings, an agent and partner at Worldwide Production Agency (aka WPA), to hear about the business side of cinematography.

Kristen and WPA represent a number of the talented cinematographers that we have been lucky enough to have on the podcast and in this interview we chat about when to start looking for representation, the importance of finding an agent who you gel with, and much more.

Patreon Podcast: RED Camera Workflow

Generally on the Extended Patreon Podcast I take 20 or so minutes and tackle a few listener questions or go over a concept from the regular podcast in a bit more technical detail.

This week things got a little out of hand and I ended up with a Patreon Podcast that is almost longer than the actual podcast.  

Many listeners have been asking for a basic RED camera workflow and, even though I tried to do my best to be concise, this podcast blew out to 45 minutes but hopefully it gets you started if you are looking to get the best out of your RED footage.

To listen to the Patreon Podcast click the link below:

Patreon Podcast- RED Camera Workflow: A Complete Walk Through​

RED IPP2 Custom Look Up Table​

To get the most out of the Patreon podcast you are going to want to download the custom LUT I use as the base for all my RED projects.  

If you aren't a Patreon supporter you can download the link simply by clicking the button below.​

Kristen Tolle-Billings - WPA



2 Responses

  1. Per

    I just love the podcast and what you are doing. You are a giant inspiration to so many people! And thanks a lot for taking the time and sharing!
    – But man is she bad at answering your simple and relevant questions in a simple and relevant way. She is having such a hard time seeing beyond her own nose and talk about the industry as a hole and in general therms, even though you are trying to get her to, with all you got. I’m so sorry man, but for the first time ever I had to turn off your podcast only 20 minutes in. She’s too much for me…

  2. Stephen Greathouse

    Hey Patrick,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! What you do with this channel/website is a total game changer for me! You should be immediately be invited to become an ACS member or “Global Cinematographers Society” (named made up) member because of the good you do with your podcast!

    I am located in the middle of the United States (St. Louis, MO) and my market is corporate America. I, like many others, strive to be Rodger Deakins or the like…I strive to be “Stephen Greathouse” a Cinematographer who knows the art of story telling because of light, shadow, camera angle, and mis-en-scene.

    I will be updating my website soon with the help of web pros. But for now, I struggle with knowing what it is that is niche as a cinematographer. My concerns in life are providing for my wife and our house. Someday it will be kids. Do you think owning a “niche” is more financially feasible or being adaptable/diverse in our talents?

    Granite….The easy answer is, “if I want to be somebody or like “somebody” then i cant be everybody.” As in, own/develop your skills then find your path.

    Once again. Sorry for the long message but DAMN…you have asked all the best questions on your podcast. I feel like they are my exact questions!