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Show Notes

This week on The Wandering DP Podcast we sit down with LA based cinematographer Alex Disenhof.  Alex shares his background coming up in the industry, how he got his break, and where he is at now.  Alex has shot some great stuff and has lots of projects due out soon so be sure to keep an eye on his site for new stuff.

TWDP 019: What You’ll Hear in this Episode

Inspiration Corner

This week’s inspiration corner is a bit of a rant on gear and gear questions.  No gear is not important but yes it is very important.

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Alex Disenhof – Cinematography Website

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Fishing Without Nets (Feature)

Mizuno (Commercial)

Taylor Swift (Music Video)

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4 Responses

  1. Joey

    Hey Patrick,

    First of all, great work with the podcast. Always an entertaining listen!

    You mentioned in your podcast that an AC plugged a d-tap into the power brick backwards and fried your monitor(seems to be a common problem as I’ve heard horror stories from others). My question is why you didn’t utilize the false color options within your dp7 or red lcd?

    ps: what did flanders have to say about the situation?

    • Wandering DP

      Hi Joey,

      Thanks for listening. Glad to hear you are enjoying the podcasts.

      The FSI false color is really a step above the others. It allows for user customization so I can set the range of colors to the exact stops I am looking to target. Nothing I have seen in other monitors comes close.
      The SmallHD Flase color is not my cup of tea at all and is not super accurate as the panel itself is not REC709 calibrated.

      The FSI is calibrated and the 9 inch looks identical to my 24 inch were everything is finished in the grading suite.
      THe RED Gio Scope is a cool tool but its tied to REDs Native sensor calibration. Changing ISOs remaps middle grey and then you have to manually go in and adjust it. I like it but I just haven’t found it as useful as the FSI one.

      So the light meter it was.

      The monitor was at FSI for an afternoon getting a board replaced and back to me in no time.

  2. Cole Becker

    Hi Patrick!

    I just wanted to let you know that as an 18 year old aspiring cinematographer your Commercial Cinematography Series and the amazingly entertaining Podcasts are not only vital information for someone of my age to receive but are such an inspiration to keep at it and find my unique visual style! I have learned so much from your expertise and adventures in the commercial world and from the other amazing cinematographers you have on the show. I can’t explain how excited I was the moment I found your site a while back and look forward to future posts and seeing how it will shape me as a growing cinematographer.

    (P.S. you are not a bad singer)

  3. John Paul Summers

    Hey Patrick,

    This podcast has really been a revelation to me, and I feel like I’m learning so much, in the abstract at least. Adversely seeing all these amazing DP’s and hearing how young they are makes me feel like everything I’ve ever done is total horse-shit. lol. I make commercials and web videos for mostly local companies and am always trying to improve.
    Enough about me, anyway, I’ve always been attracted to this low key naturalistic lighting, but everything I do can’t really reach that look. how does one start on this path in the low key lighting world? Also how much do you think having a budget and crew impacted your ability/skill as a cinematographer? I usually one man-band everything.