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This week on the show we chat to cinematographer Carlos Ritter.  Carlos has lensed a number of high profile spots for many different companies and today he gives us a glimpse of how he approaches his work.

Carlos Ritter

Personal Website – Carlos Ritter

Other Notes

If you are interested in the Easyrig set up you can find out more about the gear I mention in the podcast here:

OConnor O-grips

Ultralight Arms

Wooden Camera

3 Responses

  1. Sean Lorton

    Hi Patrick,
    First off, absolutely love your podcast and everything you do to help out others. Truly awesome. I for one, really appreciate you.
    You mentioned that you would put up pictures of the your wooden camera set up that holds your Flanders monitor. Have you put those up somewhere on the site? I can’t seem to find them and would love to see what you came up with. Thanks a bunch. And thanks for inspiring me every week.


  2. Gav

    Great advise!! I come from the stills side of the industry. But that Podcast was gold!!

  3. matt


    Right out the gate, your site and podcast are dope boy in da buildin. I know you’ve mentioned in the podcast that your rig set up has changed a touch recently; was wondering if you could do an updated rig post, or hit us back with some pics of the new rig. Thanks! keep the content comin, it’s killer!