We are back at it this week with another breakdown of a recent tv spot.  In today's podcast we take a behind the scenes look at the lighting, framing, camera movement that it took to deliver the end result.

For seasoned veterans of the podcast this breakdown will be par for the course.  I also peppered in a story about how wrong I was on the work involved in commercials for stills photographers. 


Commercial Cinematography: The Foundation Course

If you are interested in Commercial Cinematography and getting the most out of Pre-Production than this course is for you. 

In the course I lay out a step by step plan of action to get on commercial production radars and raise the level of your projects by maximising the prep time you have at your disposal.

Check it out:

Commercial Cinematography - The Foundation

Patreon Podcast - The Diner

What does the Marvel Universe and bank robbers in Middle America have in common?

Not a lot when it comes to the cinematography approaches and even less when we start the framework discussion.

This week on the Patreon Podcast we take an extensive look at two very different "Diner" scenes and talk through the issues, challenges, and solutions offered up by the productions.

The first example is Thor shot by Haris Zambarloukos, B.S.C. and the second is Hell or High Water shot by Giles Nuttgens B.S.C..

To see the images and listen to the special breakdown podcast click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

Commercial Cinematography - The Breakdown PDF

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