Technical Breakdowns

Our first lighting breakdown from our on going series with The Wander DP Podcast is finally available for download.

In this first installment DP Bjorn Charpentier shares his lighting, camera, and lens settings for his beautifully dark commercial for the Red Cross.

You can check out the finished product below:

Examples from the Cinematography Lighting Series

This kind of detail is hard to track down from high quality productions and we are very thankful to DP Bjorn Charpentier for sharing the technical details behind the lens.

Cinematography Lighting Series

Cinematography Lighting Series

Cinematography Lighting



You can hear Bjorn talk about his cinematography lighting on this commercial and many others in Episode #3 & Episode #4 of The Wandering DP Podcast by clicking on the numbers here.

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One Response

  1. David Patterson

    I have been checking out your podcasts and noticed this tutorial. Is the lighting diagram PDF still available?

    I’m a fairly new shooter, and need to up my lighting game. I really enjoy your podcasts and just started supporting you via Patreon. Thanks for sharing your skills!