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Up this week on the podcast we take a look at a recent commercial campaign I DP’ed for Asics shoes.  This was a bit of a different brief and we got to have some fun with the photography.  I chose to shoot on the RED Dragon paired with a beautiful set of Arri Zeiss Standard Speeds.

If you want to see the full TVC you can check it out on my website:

The Location


Camera Assistant extraordinaire loving life on the ole’ dolly.

The location was a fairly small white cyc studio space.  There was no over head grid so we were going to have to BYO our soft overhead look.

The Final Images

The 1st Set Up:

Zeiss Standard SpeedsZeiss Standard Speed CU

On Set Still:

Zeiss Standard Speeds

The Overhead Lighting Set Up

For the lighting we went with the follow:


Arri Zeiss Standard Speeds
Main Light:

1x 20×20 – Ultra Bounce

2x Arri M40 – Pointing upwards into Bounce

Set of floppies to keep the actual light from spreading directly on to the set.

2x Image 80 Kino Flos

1x DF50 Hazer

Asics_BTS-1-6 Asics_BTS-1-5

RED Dragon & Zeiss Standard Speeds

Camera: Red Dragon (500 ISO/5600 WB, 6k FF with a mask for 5.5k Wide Screen, Redcode 6:1)


Lens: Arri Zeiss Standard Speeds (mainly the 32 & 50)

Arri Zeiss Standard Speeds

Frame Rate: 50fps

BTS Images

Asics_BTS-1-7 Asics_BTS-1 Asics_BTS-1-14

3 Responses

  1. Nathan Balli

    I would love to see a video tutorial on how you are working on the offset if you have the time. It’s information most people would pay for, having a better understanding of processing their image for the best look.

    Best Regards,
    Nate Balli

  2. Clark

    Those BTS pics are so rad and yet so beautiful at the same time! Thank you for those and the podcast of course. Love what you are doing. Cheers!