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This week we chat to our special guest cinematographer Matthias Koenigswieser.

Matthias has been producing some fantastic images for quite a few years now and he takes some time to share his thoughts on the work and the business in the is episode.

Matthias Koenigswieser

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5 Responses

  1. Greg Greenhaw

    I’ve heard this reverse ISO tactic a few times now and I am trying to understand the apparent reverse logic. Shooting high ISO in bight situations and low ISO is dark situations. What’s you take on it. Seems to be opposite of this chart: .

    I suppose the theory is that too much DR is wasted in bright areas that will grade to near white anyway so why not add more DR to the midtones?

    • Jason

      Hey Greg,

      I’m not too sure myself but it seems to me that this reverse ISO tactic is exactly what Phil’s chart about the remapping of DR as one rates a digital sensor at different ISOs is all about.

      The total DR always remains constant (16+ stops in Phil’s breakdown of the Dragon sensor) but when rating the sensor at a higher ISO relative to the native ISO of the sensor (+1 FLUT), relatively more of that sensitivity is allocated to the highlights than it is to the shadows. Taking middle grey (the 9th block from either end when looking at the row belonging to ISO800), there are 10 blocks ‘stops’ to white while rated at ISO1600 relative to the 8 when the sensor is rated at 800 and 6 when rated at ISO400.

  2. Diego

    Hey Patrick! Hope you’re doing well man!

    Great to have you back at it recently! Really great stuff it’s working out so well the podcast, well deserved no doubt!
    I wanted to ask you, do you know what these “HME” or whatever “headsets Mathias mentioned are? The ones he uses to communicate to DIT and G&E simultaneously? Tried looking in up, couldn’t find shit so far…
    Anyway, thanks again for the great content!
    BTW: The “join now” pop up you have on your page has never worked for me, some sort of “error dialogue” always shows up after filling up and clicking the button…
    All the best mate!