The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #74 – DP Zack Spiger

In this episode of the podcast we chat with talented cinematographer Zack Spiger about his life in Paris, working his way up the ladder, and going full circle on 16mm.

Zack has shot a ton of great music videos and he is now bringing his eye and experience to commercials.  We chat through the ins and outs of “Mr. Martyr” his most recent collaboration with director Salomon Lighthelm.

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Zack Spiger - Instagram

This week I lay out how I shoot stills and the gear and methodology that makes the job a bit more fun.  Instagram is a great place for cinematographers to showcase their work and I chat through how I approach the visual side of it.

DP Zack Spiger – The Work


Instagram: @zackspiger

Mr. Martyr

The Dove & the Wolf