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In case you missed it, one of the top cinematographers shooting today, has been posting his still photography on Instagram.  Emmanuel Lubezki (aka Chivo) has been wowing audiences around the world with his natural cinematography in movies such as The Tree of Life, Children of Men, and most recently Gravity.

His feed is one breath taking scene after another.


 Location Photography

Some people will call it landscape photography but I prefer the term location photography.  He puts up all kinds of different still work from portraits to candid scenes but I prefer his location photography.

Apart from the majestic landscapes and awe inspiring buildings, he has a gift for natural composition and capturing just the right light levels.



Golden Hour

Lubezki is a master at capturing the fleeting moments of sunlight as the sun dips below the horizon.  He is a master of natural light and his understanding of the sun’s position relative to his frame is second to none.  I can’t help but feel the need to rush out and capture a few gold hour pictures of my own after scrolling through his work.


Your Next Step

What are your favorite aspects of Chivo’s photography?  Have you got any tips or tricks to capturing locations at golden hour?  Leave a comment and let us know.

Further Viewing:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/chivexp

All images in this post are © Emmanuel Lubezki aka Chivo

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