The man, the myth, cinematographer Stuart Winecoff is my guest on the show today.  If you follow along with this podcast you knew this day was coming.

I am a big fan of Stuart's work and his consistency is something to aspire to.  It was a pleasure to have him on the show and I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

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Patreon Live Stream: News from the North

Hot damn folks!

The live stream is alive and well this week for all the Patreon supporters.  I say it every week so it might seem watered down but I can only ask that you trust me when I say how appreciative I am of all the support for the show.

There is no way this show happens without the kind support of the Patreon group.  The live stream is my feeble attempt to show you how much I appreciate all the support.

Be sure to tune in this week on Thursday @ 7:00PM PST to catch us live.  

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Featured Guest: Cinematographer Stuart Winecoff

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  1. Adam Schickling

    If you’re going to NYC, I recommend getting Ari Rothschild on the show! He’s Brooklyn based. Amazing DP and colorist