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We made it to episode 100!!

A big thank you to all the wonderful guests who have helped make this show what it is today (I am not sure what it is but I am proud of it) and to all you listeners who have come along for the ride.  

My goal is to continue to build the podcast into something that can help cinematographers (new and old) strive to take their work wherever they would like to go.

Patreon Podcast: Responding to Rate Requests

This week on the Patreon Podcast we are talking more about rates and what to look out for when responding to rate request emails.

There are quite a few red flags to be aware of when it comes to the initial contact you get from a client/agency/production company and in today's episode we try and go over a few of the major ones.

To listen to the episode and the 20+ other Patreon exclusive podcasts click the link below:

Patreon Podcast: Responding to Rate Requests

On the Road -  A Visual Journey

This week on the show we are breaking down a tvc that many of you who have checked out my work have asked about.  It wasn't the typical commercial so we won't be doing the conventional breakdown but more just a walk through the process of how something like this gets made.

The Idea - Changing the Formula

This idea came to me when the director and producer came to me with a question as to whether or not we could pull off a limited crew commercial in 9 different cities in 4 different countries in a week.

Obviously I said yes.  

The script called for a woman to run around the world as the camera travels with her.  She runs from country to country until she starts to get tired and begins to slow down.  As she slows down so too does the world and it is then she realizes she is powering the world.  

How do you make that into a 60 second ad?  This breakdown is my attempt to answer that.

The Gear

We shot this on a RED Dragon with Lomo Anamorphic lenses using the original Ronin gimbal.

The Breakdown

The First Step - Perth, Western Australia

The Big Apple - NYC

Vermont - Embracing the Elements

The West Coast - LA & Palms Springs

The Shanghai Express - Chaos

The Last Leg - Singapore

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  1. Andrew

    Dude that is awesome! I listened to the podcast in the car before getting home to look it up. Must be tricky running with a gimbal with the longer lenses on!