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We are closing out 2017 on the podcast with director Rob Chiu chatting all things creative and commercial.  I have been trying to lock down Rob for a few months now and it was a real treat to get him on the show.

Rob is a director who many of you will be familiar with and his work is very recognizable.  He shared his process on landing jobs, exploring different themes in his work, and the importance of personal projects. 

Patreon Video: Beauty Lighting and Break Down

This week on Patreon we look at a listener submitted project and compare it to a few beauty projects in the archive.  Beauty lighting can seem challenging from the outside but once you understand the rules and the playing field it can be fun to give it a go.

To watch the Patreon video click on the link below:

Beauty Lighting Break Down Video

I also wanted to just take a minute and say thank you to all the Patreon support this year.  It has helped transform the show and I am excited to get back into the show in 2018.

Featured Guest: Rob Chiu

Personal Website:

Instagram: @robchiufilm

Porsche - Cayenne

USFSA - Get Up

One Response

  1. Darko Sintič

    It is interesitng to see another car comercial and knowing mostly all the locations.
    Exteriror shots were made in Slovenia and Croatia. I have been location scouting for years in this part of europe and also for this particular project. It is funy to see
    almost the same locations for all car brands in those type of comercials. Most of this kind of comercials for european car brands are shot in those two countrys.
    Dont get me wrong comercial is awesome.
    Greetings from Slovenia:)