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In Episode #4 of The Wandering DP Podcast we share part 2 of our interview with Belgian cinematographer Bjorn Charpentier.  If you missed the first part of our interview you can listen to it here: TWDP Episode #3

Bjorn is a gifted cinematographer with a client list including Visa, Coca-Cola, the European Parliament, Nike, Leica and many many more.

In the second part of this interview we hear how Bjorn decides between the Arri Alexa and the Red Epic on specific jobs, his experience with the Freefly Movi gimbal, and learn a few camera & lens tricks that Bjorn has up his sleeve for emergencies.

Bjorn also goes in to detail about his latest projects shooting for Nike and Leica ads.

Lighting Diagram

Things You Will Learn in this Episode:

– How Bjorn decides on his camera package for a job

– The exact settings Bjorn uses on his lenses to achieve his looks

– How your breath can save a shot

– Why gaffers on his shoots aren’t his biggest fans

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode

  1. Bjorn Charpentier’s Website
  2. Samsonite Commercial – Shot by Bjorn
  3. Freefly Movi Gimbal System
  4. Elite Anamorphic Lenses – Bjorn Charpentier’s Personal Choice for Anamorphics
  5. Danny Elsen – Cinematographer
  6. Depron – Foam Insulation/A Cinematographer’s Dream 
  7. Worldwide Production Agency – Bjorn’s Cinematography Representatives

Inspiration Corner

Vivian Maier – Street Photography

Style Uncovered

Looper Promo Video by Rian Johnson:

Further Reading

The Wandering DP article on Cinematography Prep

Capturing Better Images

A Nice Hazer Example:

Shane Hurlbut’s article on hazers and smoke machines: Hazers

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