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This week on the show we are chatting with Australian director Christopher Riggert.  

Christopher is partly responsible for the existence of the podcast so it was a fun opportunity to chat about his work, how his approach has changed over the years, and what the future of directing looks like.

I am a big fan of his approach and if you aren't familiar with his name I am sure you will be familiar with the work.  

Patreon Supporters: On Set Video Series

This week over on Patreon we are starting a new series of on set behind the scenes videos.  I recently shot a 5 day campaign with director Seth Epstein and we captured a ton of behind the scenes clips during the process.

These videos take you on set and show you all the lighting set ups, lens choices, creative conversations and more.  This is the closest thing to actually being there on the day and I am excited to be able to share this content with you.  

It is pretty rare to be given so much behind the scenes access on a commercial shoot so hopefully you enjoy the series.

Patreon supporters are the reason this podcast exists and they help keep the show going each and every week.  For the support Patreon members get exclusive bonus content.

There is a weekly live stream where we check out listener work, bonus podcast episodes, video tutorials, and now this on set video series.  If you are interested in more in depth content then the Patreon group is for you.  

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Featured Guest: Director Christopher Riggert

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    love your work 😀 …
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