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Show Notes

In this episode of The Wandering DP Podcast we conclude our conversation with DP Stefan Duscio.  Stefan is an Australian cinematographer who has shot some of my favorite commercials and music video projects and also has an ever growing list of feature film credits to his name.

I am a big fan so it was great to sit down and hear his story and how he approaches the art of cinematography.  Be sure to check out a small selection of his work below.  Enjoy!

Shoot & shoot

TWDP 017: What You’ll Hear in this Episode

In our Part 2 with Stefan we go in depth into his feature preparation tactics and how he used prep time to his advantage during the lead up to shooting his feature Galore.  Lots of great insights and tips that you can incorporate in your own prep.

Inspiration Corner

This week’s inspiration corner is a whole lot of Christopher Doyle.  Enjoy.

Capturing Better Images

FSI BM090 – A Fantastic Field Monitor

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Featured Interview

Stefan Duscio – Cinematography Site

Select Work:

Galore – Trailer (Feature)

Galore/ Trailer from Stefan Duscio on Vimeo.

Seafolly (Commercial)

The Mule (Feature)

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