This week on the podcast we sit down with cinematographer Benji Osborne.  We mixed in a bit of conversation on Benji's background and his start in the business alongside a little breakdown of some of his most recent work.

I always try to get a broad range of DPs on the show and I think there are a ton of listeners who are going to enjoy hearing Benji's process.  


New Course: Mastering Exposure is LIVE

Mastering Exposure is out now.  It is the latest course in the line up and so far the reviews have been awesome.

In the course I detail how I learned exposure and I share how I would get up to speed the fastest way possible if I was starting over today.

Cinematography can seem incredibly complex but underneath it all there are some fundamental decisions that must be made if you are going to get images you are happy with.  Exposure and understanding how to best manipulate exposure and why one way is better or more efficient than another is absolutely essential if you are going to work with a crew and on schedule.

THis course is my attempt at sharing my exact process so you don't have to struggle to find answers like I did.

If you are interested you can check out the course here:

Mastering Exposure - The Language of Image Creation

Feautred Guest - Cinematographer Benji Osborne

Website: Benji Osborne

Instagram: @benjiosborne

Shot #1 - The Bedroom Wide

Shot #1 - The  Bedroom Wide

The Shot

Talent sitting on the bed with daylight coming through the window.

The Lighting

Outside is the Aputure 600x into an unbleached muslin bounce for the key light.  Inside is the practical couple with some negative fill camera right to add contrast.

The Result

Shot #2 - The Main Room

The Shot

Main talent sitting at the table.

The Lighting

The sun is in the right position making sure there is only ambient light making its way into the house for the key light.  Out the back is some black blankets to control the amount of level on the back window.

Inside the blinds are shut camera right to help limit the amount of ambient coming from the fill side.

The Result

Shot #3 - The Birthday Scene

The Shot

The two main talent enjoy a little birthday celebration.

The Lighting

The practical on a dimmer is acting as a key. 

The background practical helps to give some depth and then there are two Amaran lights either side of frame to help bring up the background levels and make it slightly less contrasty.

The Result