This week on the show we are taking a trip back in time to one of the very first episodes of the podcast with a cinematographer who is a personal favorite, Mr. Stefan Duscio.

Stefan was one of the first guests on the show and he has gone on to do a number of fantastic projects post his appearance.  Either the podcast has an eye for attracting talent to come on or we are on a serious hot streak with former guests.

The audio quality was a little worse, the questions slightly more awkward, but the enthusiasm was the same.

See you next week for a Q+A Episode!!


Advanced Cinematography: On Set Training

It is finally here!!

I have been waiting for the technology to catch up and allow us to take this show on the road.  Seeing the visuals broken down after the fact has been great but building the shots from the ground up is a completely new experience and that is why I am so excited about this new course.

See a project from start to finish and come on set to watch and listen as the shots are built, schedules are constructed, and problems overcome.

I am very proud of the course and it is without a doubt the best, most concise way to learn about my approach to cinematography and to see exactly how I do my job on and off set.

If you are interested in seeing the Framework in action I highly suggest you check it out:

Advanced Cinematography - On Set Training

Patreon Breakdown - The Gentlemen

We go in a completely differnet direction this week on the Patreon Breakdown.

The Gentlemen directed by Guy Ritchie and shot by Alan Stewart is unlike any other movie we have ever broken down before. Not exactly framework material but always interesting to see lighting and coverage with an unconventional approach.

To watch the video click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

Featured Guest - Cinematographer Stefan Duscio ACS

Website: Stefan Duscio ACS

Instagram: @stefanduscio

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