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This week on the show we chat with Director Seth Epstein about all things production from the selling of an idea to the delivery of the final project.

Seth has a unique vantage point inside the industry as both an owner of a production company and also a commercial director.  We chat about finding clients, managing expectations, and producing content that delivers where it matters.

Patreon Podcast - Embracing the Future

This week on the Patreon Podcast we go over the immediate future of cinematography and what you can do to set yourself up to be in the right place at the right time.  

Now more than ever cinematography is opening up to the masses and the tools available for novice and experienced cinematographers alike can greatly help you understand how to "achieve" the look you see in your mind's eye.

The new pre-viz technology (such as Cinedesigner) can help you technically achieve your desired look but it still can't do the creative work for you.  Your eye still has to be honed and developed as before.

Like any new technology there are benefits and drawbacks from accepting a new workflow and that is what we discuss in today's episode.

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Featured Guest : Director Seth Epstein

Infiniti | Empower the Drive

Seth and I worked on a project together earlier this year and you can hear all about in here:

Episode #78 - Street Cinematography

Street Cinematography