Cinematographer Brendan Uegama is back on the show this week for his 3rd appearance and he is walking us through his work on Them: The Scare.

It has been awesome following along with Brendan over the last few years to see his work evolve and progress.

 He discusses his latest thoughts on the job and shares where he is devoting his time and energy on set to get the most out of his work.


The Playbook Approach - New Cinematography Course

Course Link:  A Cinematography System: The Playbook Approach - Volume III

The 3rd installment of the B.O.D.V.O. Cinematography System is officially available.  

This latest course is all about the most challenging set up for any cinematographer and that is a scene between 3 or more people looking in multiple directions.

The more variables the more chances of things going sideways on the day and in pre-production.  If you aren't on top of all of the options and understand all of the choices at your fingertips you are going to leave shape on the table.

This course outlines how I think about shooting these scenes, we go over all of the various options, look at the pros and cons so that you can be the most knowl;edgable person on set when these situations arise.

The further out in to the future you can see the better you are going to be able to guide the crew and those around you to a final sequence that you are happy with.

Happy directors, happy producers and happy crew mean more jobs in the future because you are providing value to the production.  It is win, win for everyone.  

I am super excited to get this information out in to the hands of cinematographers around the world.

If you want to learn more about the course check it out here:

A Cinematography System: The Playbook Approach - Volume III

Featured Guest - Cinematographer Brendan Uegama

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