This week on the show we have Oren Soffer back on for his third visit and the third time is certainly the charm.

Oren recently teamed up with Greig Fraser ASC to lens The Creator for Gareth Edwards.  

The film has received huge amounts of press around the style and the workflow and while that would have been a fun chat I wanted to take this chance to speak to Oren on some of the other aspects of making the film.

In our chat Oren shares how the project came on to his radar, how the language of the film developed, and what it was like coming off the back of such a massive project.

Lots of great nuggets in this one and if you haven't listened to Oren's previous appearances on the podcast, do yourselves a favor, go back and check out episode #89 and episode #266


Featured Guest - Cinematographer Oren Soffer

Website: Oren Soffer

Instagram: @orensofferdp