This podcast might be the longest podcast in the making the show has ever had.  We have been trying to get Matias Boucard AFC on the show for at least 4 years and we finally managed to make it happen.

When I started out my cinematography career Matias' early work was what I was drawn to and it was a real pleasure to finally have a chance to chat.

He is one of my favorite cinematographers and if you aren't familiar with his work consider this your lucky day.


Mastering Exposure - New Course is LIVE

Course Link:  Mastering Exposure: The Language of Image Creation

Understanding exposure was key to my development as a cinematographer and the first major unlock of knowledge that made a measurable impact on my ability to create images I was happy with.  

The system I used to strengthen my understanding of exposure and how to improve my ability to recognize various patterns of exposure gave me an ability to bypass years of on set experience.  The tools that I used and still use to this day were simply unavailable to cinematographers up until a very short time ago.

In Mastering Exposure I breakdown my techniques for learning exposure, we go over just how important exposure actually is, and then lay out my workflow from start to finish as to how to use the knowledge you gain from your studies.

I can confidently say that nothing has made a larger impact on my cinematography abilities than my thorough approach to understanding exposure and how to manipulate it in the most efficient way possible.  

My hope is the course will be as impactful for you and your career.

If you want to learn more about the course check it out here:

Mastering Exposure: The Language of Image Creation

Featured Guest - Cinematographer Matias Boucard AFC