Hey gang this week on the show we are chatting with cinematographer Zach Kuperstein about his recent feature film work on The Vigil.

We get in to all the usual suspects of conversation around his approach to the work, continuing to grow as a cinematographer, finding your style and much more.

It was great chatting with Zach and I hope you are able to pull some wisdom out of the conversation.


Advanced Cinematography: On Set Training

It is finally here!!

I have been waiting for the technology to catch up and allow us to take this show on the road.  Seeing the visuals broken down after the fact has been great but building the shots from the ground up is a completely new experience and that is why I am so excited about this new course.

See a project from start to finish and come on set to watch and listen as the shots are built, schedules are constructed, and problems overcome.

I am very proud of the course and it is without a doubt the best, most concise way to learn about my approach to cinematography and to see exactly how I do my job on and off set.

If you are interested in seeing the Framework in action I highly suggest you check it out:

Advanced Cinematography - On Set Training

What is the Framework? - Video Series

If you are new to the podcast and want to learn more about the framework and what the basics are please click the link below and get access to a six part video series breaking down what I think are the key principles.

What is the Framework - Video Series Access

Patreon Breakdown - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Over on Patreon this week we are looking at a deceptively good looking film shot by Jody Lee Lipes A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

I always like to say making flashy action movies and crazy sci-fi is fun but I am always drawn to honest portrayals of regular life to see how a cinematographer views the world. 

Jody pulls off some very beautiful work in the film and we take a look at just how it was all accomplished.

To watch the video click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

Featured Guest - Cinematographer Zach Kuperstein

Website: Zach Kuperstein

Instagram: @zachkuperstein

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Cinematographer and host of The Wandering DP Podcast. You can see select examples of work at my personal site or follow me on instagram.

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