Making up for lost time on the podcast today with a Q+A podcast.  If you've emailed in a question in the last 3 months I apologise for not getting back to you.  Hopefully I got to your question in this episode.

If you like these sorts of episodes let me know and I can do them more often in the future.  

Next week we are back on the breakdowns.


Patreon Podcast - Hello Darkness My Old Friend

On the Patreon podcast this week we dive in to one of my favorite commercials in recent times.  Shot by former guest Jeremy Rouse ACS we look at a spot shot for director Mark Malloy for Principal.

Lots of great techniques and ideas to go over in this one and hopefully you can take these ideas and incorporate them in your next project.

To see the images and listen to the special breakdown podcast click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

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