In this episode of the podcast we chat with Australian director Corrie Jones about his work, how he got started in the industry, and how the commercial landscape is evolving.

Corrie is a very experienced commercial director and he shares his thoughts and experiences in the industry.​

Patreon Podcast: Getting Your First Gig

Everybody knows that for directors it all comes down to landing your first major commercial.

This week on the exclusive Patreon Supporters Podcast I chat with Corrie about his tips for getting your foot in the door.

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Featured Guest - Director Corrie Jones

The Work

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  1. Christian Richter

    Hi Patrick,
    I absolutely love your podcasts! Really interesting and motivating!
    I was wondering if I could buy your Instagram and Stills Patreon podcast on it’s own without a subscription? I don’t really understand the Patreon system.:/ Could you help me there? Keep on the good work!


    • Wandering DP

      Hey Christian

      You can’t get them separately but if you sign up to Patreon I think you get access to all the old Patreon Podcasts. You can listen to all of them then just cancel your subscription before I put out a podcast and screw me out of some dough.