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We pause from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special edition of the podcast.  This week we are doing a bit of a question and answer podcast and responding to queries from listeners.  

We go over everything from what is the quickest way to get in to commercial cinematography to how you can get better at lighting on a budget. 

I like to do these Q+A podcasts a few times a year as a chance to shift the focus of the show on to some of the topics that listeners are having issues with. 

Patreon Live Stream: The Iceberg of Talent

The Patreon group is really stepping up their game and the listener submitted projects are getting better and better each week.  

On the live stream this week we will take a look at a project from a supporter and break down live what could have been done differently and why it may have worked out slightly better.

If you are new to the podcast Patreon is a way that you can support the show and get more of it at the same time.

Patreon supporters get exclusive access to hours of Patreon podcasts, live streams, videos and more.  The system is on a pay per episode basis and you can cancel at anytime.

Your support of the show gets re-invested in the show hopefully creating a better more enjoyable podcast for all.

If you are interested in joining the live stream and at the same time helping the show continue to grow please visit the link below for more information:

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  1. Ryan

    I personally like the jokes, I’ve laughed out loud many times. I love humor only DPs can understand.