Alright we got a big show today!

Our featured guest is cinematographer Cezary Zacharewicz and we discuss everything from how he transitioned into cinematography from photography to how he likes to approach his work.

Lots of great conversation in this one.

In other news today is the launch of the newest course.  After all the positive feedback from the last iteration I decided to do one more in the style of shooting a commercial from start to finish.

Advanced Cinematography - Location Lighting is all about getting the most from your lighting, planning, location, crew and so much.  Lots to go over and I hope it is as beneficial as the previous courses.


NEW COURSE: Advanced Cinematography - Location Lighting

After months of work the day has finally come!

The latest course: Advanced Cinematography - Location Lighting is now available for purchase.

This series walks you through what it takes to film a commercial on location.  We go over every decision and detail along the way starting with pre-production, location scouting, tech scouts, the scheduling process, and finally the actual shoot day where you can see every shot come to life.

Once again the technology that makes this all possible is Cinedesigner.  By leveraging the power of the virtual set environment we can take the time necessary to understand everything that goes into a shoot and be able to see the lighting and framing changes in real time.

I am very proud of the course as it sums up all of the knowledge and experience I have built up over the last decade as a DP.  

If you want to see what a DP actually does and how we get the shots we do then this is definitely worth checking out.

Advanced Cinematography - Location Lighting

Patreon Breakdown - Special Surprise

Over on the Patreon Breakdown this weekend we are having a special show.  After a while of being unable to release some content I am hoping we can make it happen without too much trouble.  

If you are a Patreon Supporter be sure to check out this week's special release podcast.  Let's see how this works.

To watch the video click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

Featured Guest - Cinematographer Cezary Zacharewicz

Website: Cezary Zacharewicz

Instagram: @amcezary

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