Schedules are not exciting but they do serve a very important role in the world of cinematography.

If you ignore them you do so at your own peril.  

In this episode we are talking about how I think about schedules and how to maximize their usefulness during a shoot.

Hopefully you enjoy this slightly different episode!

Advanced Cinematography: Location Lighting

The new course is out!

Advanced Cinematography - Location Lighting

This is the latest in the educational offerings from WDP and I think it is the best cinematography content I have ever produced.  

The course outlines a project from start to finish showing you exactly how I work from the prep to the location scout to the tech recce to the actual shoot day.  Anything I do on a job is laid out in this course.

If you like the framework and you want to see exactly how I employ it on my own jobs than this course is for you.

What is the Framework? - Video Series

If you are new to the podcast and want to learn more about the framework and what the basics are please click the link below and get access to a six part video series breaking down what I think are the key principles.

What is the Framework - Video Series Access

Patreon Breakdown - The Servant

This week of the breakdown we are looking at The Servant shot by Mike Gioulakis.

A refreshing take on blocking and framing in this unique looking show.  Lots of things to discuss and try and take away and use on our own jobs.

To watch the video click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon