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On the podcast this week we chat with cinematographer JP Summers about his experience on a recent tvc and how working with the right collaborators can propel your work to the next level.

I first came across JP in the Wandering DP Patreon group and he sent through the project that is the subject of this podcast.  I was impressed by the images and even more impressed once I heard his story.

Having seasoned veterans on the show is fantastic and will continue to happen but every once in a while it is nice to hear from people just starting out on their professional journey.  

Patreon: The Live Stream Rolls Out...

I am back home from my extended work/holiday combo and that means the Patreon Live Streams also make their return.

This week on the live stream we will be going over some listener projects and also just catching up with everyone in the chat.  

I am really enjoying the interaction with everyone and can't wait to get back to it.

To be part of the live stream (or watch the replay if the date has passed) simply click on the link below.

Patreon Weekly: The Wandering DP Live Stream

I will send out a message via Patreon letting you know the day & time with instructions on how to participate.

Featured Guest - JP Summers

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Instagram: @jpthedp

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  1. Andrew

    Would be cool to hear an interview with a fellow Australian and an awesome director, Riley Blakeway.