We have a great one today with cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr. on the show to talk about his experience on JoJo Rabbit and more.  We discuss how he chooses the jobs that come in, what he looks for in collaborators and how he likes to work on set to find the right light.

Mihai has an incredible eye and it was a joy to finally get him on the show to talk about how he approaches the work.


Patreon Podcast - Inside Llewyn's Grade

What do you get when you mix two amazing director's with Bruno Delbonnel?  One crazy looking feature film.  This week on the Feature Film Breakdown we go over the Coen Brother's Inside Llewyn Davis.

This movie provides a great opportunity to see what a cinematographer can bring to a project with two well established directors who are known for their visual preferences.

Lots to take away from this one.

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Featured Guest - Mihai Malaimare Jr.

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