Today on the show marks the return of cinematographer Todd Banhazl.   We were lucky enough to have Todd on the show back in episode #135 to talk about his commercial work and he is back on today to discuss his incredible work on the film Hustlers.

Make sure to check out his website and instagram accounts below to keep up with what he is up to now.


Patreon Podcast - Django Unlit

This week on the Feature Film Breakdown we revisit Robert Richardson's ASC exterior work on Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.  

Bob certainly has a signature style when it comes to interior scenes and this time around we examine hw the pair tackle the longer exterior set ups in the film.  There doesn't appear to be a whole lot going on but as we've learned in past breakdowns appearances can be deceiving. 

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Featured Guest - Todd Banhazl

Personal Website:  Todd Banhazl

Instagram: @toddbanhazl