The time has come, the Year in Review episode is upon us.

These have been a tradition since the very beginning here on the podcast and there is no stopping them now.  The whole goal behind these episodes is to keep a running tally on jobs, gear, trends, and more.

When I was starting out I had no idea what to expect in terms of shoot days over the course of the year, prep days, rental returns, nothing.  So I wanted to track it all so that others could have a better roadmap of what to expect as a working cinematographer.

I hope it helps and thanks again for checking it out.


Advanced Cinematography: Location Lighting

You like cinematography. 

Me too.

I made a course so I could distill everything I know about lighting an interior scene on location so you could steal all my secrets and make them your own.  I hope it helps.

If you are interested in seeing the Framework in action I highly suggest you check it out:

Advanced Cinematography - Location Lighting

Patreon Breakdown - Ad Astra

On the Patreon Breakdown this week we are looking at Ad Astra shot by Hoyte van Hoytema.  I am a big fan of Hoyte's work and this film shows off some of his best attributes.

Shot on film in challenging conditions and having a very distinct look from the outset makes this feature the perfect candidate for a breakdown.

To watch the video click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon