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This week on the podcast we sit down with cinematographer Oren Soffer and take a behind the scenes look at his latest music video.

Oren walks us through the pre-production process, how he and the director worked together to develop the look, and how he chose to light the various set ups in the video.

Patreon Podcast: Lighting Packages 

One of the main jobs for a cinematographer in pre-production is deciding on a lighting package and the instruments and tools that are going to be necessary to help the director tell their story.

If you are just starting out it can be difficult deciding where to put your lighting budget and what fixtures should be on the list.

In this week's Patreon Podcast I try to answer a few of the lighting questions and also touch on the topics of scheduling, talking with producers, and visibility.

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Oren Soffer - Director of Photrography

Featured Work: Chappell Roan - Good Hurt

The Pool/Garden Set Up

The Lighting

Behind the Scenes

The Dining Room Set Up

The Lighting

Behind the Scenes

The Bathroom Acupuncture

The Lighting

Behind the Scenes

Praying Mantis

The Lighting

Behind the Scenes

Oren Soffer - Keep an Eye Out

I just wanted to say thanks again to Oren for coming on the show and providing the podcast with all the lighting diagrams and BTS material.

It makes a huge difference when you can see the before/after and have the lighting broken down as Oren did for us.

Make sure he check him out on instagram and tell him how much you enjoyed his episode.

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