This week on the show we are continuing our series of breakdown episodes with other cinematographers.

Josh Hill is the featured guest and he takes us through a recent commercial he shot for Bose and breaks down all of the different lighting, camera, and prep details that it took to make the spot.

Seeing the work and knowing how well received the first few episodes of this series have been I know you are going to like this one.

Also if you want to hear the original episode that Josh featured on you can check it out here:

The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #191 - Town Hall Meeting

Enjoy the behind the scenes look!

A Cinematography System: The Playbook Approach

You like the breakdown episodes and you want to be a better DP?  Would you like to hear how I think when it comes to cinematography and steal the methodology I built up over the years?  

OK.  Check out the course I created at the link below:

A Cinematography System: The Playbook Approach

My mindset around cinematography has morphed and changed over time as I am always seeking the most efficient workflow to get the best results I can.  In the course I lay out exactly how I breakdown a scene to make sure I am maximizing the tools I have available to me.

This is the closest thing I have created to a cheat code for up and coming DPs to bypass the years of trial and error I had to put in.

Patreon Video: Echo 3

On the Patreon Breakdown this week we dig in to Echo 3 which is a show that has a unique style that we haven't really covered up to this point in any Patreon breakdowns yet.

It might not be my first instinct to lean into this style but that is exactly why it is fun to look at and see what the DP and the rest of the production team were trying to achieve with work.

You can find this week's Patreon content by clicking the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon Group

If you are a fan of the podcast and want more video content the patreon group is the place to be.  Each and every week I release an exclusive podcast, video, or live stream just for the Patreon members.

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Feautred Guest - Cinematographer Josh Hill

Website: Josh Hill

Instagram: @joshhill_dp

The Spot - Bose

Breakdown Stills

Set Up #1 - Day Look

Set Up #2 - Sunset Vibe

Set Up #3 - Night Look

Behind the Scenes - Stills

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