This week on the show we are chatting with cinematographer David McFarland for a second time on the podcast.  In this episode we discuss David's latest work on Diary of a Spy with director Adam Christian Clark.

The overall approach to the film opened up some unique dialogue around the film making process in general and what it means to be a cinematographer today.

It was great having David back on the show again and I hope you can take some tips away from our chat to help in your own work.


Advanced Cinematography: Location Lighting

I made a course about how I work as a cinematographer.

The approach I use to make things day in and day out stems from a unique system that I haven't shared before.  This course is my attempt at laying out how I use simple building blocks that can apply to any number of possibilities to start shaping the look of a project.

If you are interested in seeing the evolution of my approach to cinematography I highly suggest you check it out:

A Cinematography System: The Playbook Approach

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Featured Guest - Cinematographer David McFarland

Website: David McFarland

Instagram: @davidmcfarland

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