It is funny that I think I have a novel idea for a podcast only to later realize I had already done this exact same style episode less than a year ago.  Oh well.  One more won't hurt anybody.

This week on the show I am looking at some glorious Youtube questions and comments and doing a Q+A episode.  IS it the greatest episode ever? Probably not.  Was it fun to make anyway? Yes.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming next week.


Advanced Cinematography: Location Lighting

You like cinematography. 

Me too.

I made a course so I could distill everything I know about lighting an interior scene on location so you could steal all my secrets and make them your own.  I hope it helps.

If you are interested in seeing the Framework in action I highly suggest you check it out:

Advanced Cinematography - Location Lighting

Patreon Breakdown - Joker

Every so often I like to revisit films that raise the bar for cinematography and this week I am taking you along for the ride as well with a look at Joker shot by Lawrence Sher ASC.

I think we looked at Joker last year when we were still analysing stills but on this one we break down the moving components and study how the look is created through the light and lensing.

Everybody has something to take away from a film like this and it is refreshing to see what a crew at the top of it's game can accomplish.

To watch the video click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

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