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I have been actively putting off talking about camera movement for sometime now but the day has arrived where things have to change.

Camera movement seems to be less universally applicable in my view on cinematography and hence harder to discuss in broad strokes.  When I broke it all down I thought the best way to start implementing more discussion on camera movement would be to get everyone on the same page from the start.

That was the plan until I hit record and got carried away talking about a very important part of the industry.

Making commercials is a business.  A very hard business and making sure you can play the long game means being able to keep at it over an extended period of time.

Hopefully in between my non-sensical rants on anxiety you can see where I am coming from and it might help you to realize the way I like to make sure I can stick around for a good amount of time going forward.


Patreon Breakdown - The Dry

On the Patreon Breakdown this week we are looking at an Australian film, The Dry, shot by former guest of the show Stefan Duscio ASC.

This film brought back quite a few memeories working in small Australian towns and it was nice to take a deeper look at the coverage to see some of the techniques used to move an audience from one scene to another.

If you have suggestions on what films we should look at next please reach out to me over on Discord or Patreon.

To watch the video click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

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One Response

  1. Felipe Lazaro

    Patrick, as someone who finds comfort in figuring patterns and formulas to what works and doesn’t in cinematography, I’ve always identified with your approach, I trully appreciate how you’ve demistified the process. However, as I was driving down to Los Angeles, getting away from family, again, your episode on camera movement hit me hard. It felt so honest and so right, thank you.

    As a DP working, almost full time, in TV for the last 10 years, I’ve always given similar advice to newcomers or students that plan on pursuing a career on film/TV/Commercials. Get something else as a base, or something you can come back to before you try this industry. I didn’t, but in recent years made a concious effort to put life first, not do bad jobs, often having extended periods without a lot of work. But with a little side hustle I no longer wake up in panic in the middle of the night thinking of bills, mortgage or my kids future.

    Mental health needs to be part of our daily conversations, and I appreciate so much you mentioning this.

    Can’t wait to hear about camera movement 😉