We have a great one today!

On the show we sit down with Mr. Jeffrey Jur ASC to talk about his incredible career, his latest work on Bridgerton for Netflix, and so much more.

It is amazing to get to sit down and talk with people like Jeffrey who are so open with sharing their time and experience in the industry.  Lots to take away from someone who has worked on such a wide range of successful projects.


Advanced Cinematography: On Set Training

Just do it.  If you've been eyeing up the course now is a great time to pull the trigger as at the end of the month we are moving on to the second instalment in the series.

The new course is on the way soon and should be out before the end of August.  It will be going over, what is without a doubt, the single most common cinematography situation in the commercial world.

Think you know the scene?  

We will soon find out!

Until then if you are interested in seeing the Framework in action I highly suggest you check out the 1st instalment:

Advanced Cinematography - On Set Training

Patreon Breakdown - The Revenge of Loki

As promised we are circling back for another look at Loki shot by Autumn Durald Arkapaw.

In this breakdown we look at a very tricky series of scenes for any DP and try to analyse the choices that were made so we can be prepared if we ever find ourselves in similar situations.

Lots of great imagery and I had a lot of fun recording this one.

To watch the video click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

Featured Guest - Cinematographer Jeffrey Jur ACS

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