The title of this one might be slightly misleading.

In DP speak "All In Camera" can at times translate to not much in camera.  

In this episode of the podcast we look at a green screen heavy shoot we pulled off in less than ideal conditions.

Enjoy the behind the scenes look!

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Patreon Breakdown: I'm Your Woman

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All In Camera - The Spot

The idea of the spot is a team of computer techs work overtime in their futuristic office space to move the customer forward. 

Camera Gear:

We shot on the Alexa Mini LF and we used Sigma Cine Primes.

The Location - A Shed

We shot the whole thing in a shed that is normally reserved for farm animal displays at the state fair every year.

Oh the glamour of the film industry.  Here in Perth there is a serious lack in fully equipped studios so we had to make due with a warehouse.

This meant no grid and no existing power which complicated what we could do and how much time it would take to set up.

The Spot - Shot by Shot

Shot 1 - Peak Through

The Shot

The geek squad works away in their compound.

The Lighting

We had a 12x20 of Ultra Bounce over the top of the set and that was being lit from the ground with two 4k HMIs.  

Ideally this would have been done from above and it would have been gridded to control the spill.  Even better if it was RGB tuneable with a Skypanel or something like that.

But no studio means no grid which translates to doing the easy thing the hardest way.

Outside we had an old school Tungsten Maxi-Brute with CTB to match up with the overhead HMIs plus another 4k off to the side camera right going through a 12x12 to soften it up.

The Result

Set Up #2 - Closer

The Shot

Shooting reflective helmets (or any object) is always fun.

The Lighting

Look in the helmet.

The same rig as before but we were able to soften much closer to the talent so we could tsharpen up the contrast a little.  We added some neg frame left and a 4x4 frame right.

The Result

Set Up #3 -The Chalkboard

The Shot

This was almost identical to Shot #1 but now the talent was significantly closer to the background which meant we had to adjust the lighting ever so slightly.

The Lighting

Same as Shot #1 just with slightly different placement.

The Result

Set Up #4 - Down the Line

The Shot

A medium shot of the hero talent solving the equation.

The Lighting

Same as above but darkened the image down frame right so we could squeeze the maximum contrast we could out of the image.

The Result

Set Up #5 - The Box

The Shot

The geek squad throws things in the box and they disappear.  Magic.

The Lighting

Same as Shot #1 & #3 with the edition of a few 4x4 frames to soften the light on the table.

The Result

Shot #6 - The Fly By

The Shot

We only had 3 talent with no extras so to layer up the previous shot we used the shoulder of one of the talent so we got an extra for free.

The Lighting

Same as Shot #5

Shot #7 - The End Frame

The Shot

3 shot of the group as the logo plays.

The Lighting

Same as Shot #1.

The Result

Shot #8 - The Reaction

The Shot

The geeks grab a ticket from a ticket machine.

The Lighting

See previous shot.

The Result

Shot #9/10 - The Exit

The Shot

An awards show host standing on stage at a podium.

The Lighting

We killed all the lights, added a Source 4 for the spot light then lit the green screen to get just enough level to key from.

We added a backlight to help create some separation and that is it.

The final composite was a big giant wide shot a stage so it was more about matching the mood of the VFX rather than the other way around.