A big show today with the launch of the Advanced Cinematography: On Set Training plus we breakdown a commercial where we shot the same scene two different days because of weather issues.

Weather is always tricky and if you work in the business long enough you will end up on the wrong side of a call and that is exactly what happened with this job.

The productions loss is your benefit as now we get a very nice A/B comparison of the differences in equipment and infrastructure used on a sunny day exterior vs. an overcast day exterior.

Enjoy the behind the scenes look!

Advanced Cinematography: On Set Training is LIVE!!!

Today is a huge day for the podcast as the second course is now live.

Advanced Cinematography: On Set Training

This course has been a long time in the making and after a few iterations we finally managed to marry the tech with the framework and I couldn't be prouder of the end result.

This course takes a unique angle on cinematography education by following the path of a real commercial job.  We start by looking at the treatment and the agency storyboards, then we go on a virtual location scout, next we break out into a tech scout and finally we go on set and you get to be right there with me looking through the eye piece as each shot is built from the ground up.

Once you learn like this and you see the possibilities I think it will seem archaic doing it any other way.

I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm checking out the course and I am pumped to finally see it out in the wild today.

Patreon Podcast: Bladerunner 2049

In honor of the start of the Framework and the early inspirations for what we all know and love I decided to have another look at Bladerunner 2049 shot by the inimitable Roger Deakins ASC BSC.

This movie is shot so well it hurts.  We could look at every scene and pull some high level idea or concept but in this week's breakdown we focus on what I think is the best sign of a great DP and that is how do you make simple look interesting. 

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Changing Weather Conditions - The Ad

This was a single camera shoot with an easy to follow concept of a series of interactions at a beach with a little bit of VO mixed in for good measure.

Camera Gear:

We shot on the Arri Mini LF in Prores 4444XQ Open Gate and framed for 2.39.

We used the Arri Signature Primes and spent most of the ad parked wide open.  They are amazing lenses and don't let the size fool you, they are very user friendly.

The Location - Schedule is Everything

If you are a veteran listener of the podcast you will know that schedule is everything when it comes to day exterior work and this spot was no exception.  The location and the schedule dictated 90% of the look we were able to achieve.

The Spot - Shot by Shot

Shot 1 - The Overcast Wide

The Shot

Our hero talent interacting with a company rep in a beach parking lot.

The Lighting

The afternoon was overcast and we made a call after wrapping this scene to can the rest of the day and come back another time as the rain starting really pouring.

We had 2 12x12s of Neg either side of the camera in a V shaped pattern to kill as much of the return ambient light as possible. 

The Result

Shot #2 - The Overcast Medium

The Shot

We punched up a lens and got a medium shot of the spokesperson pulling the surfboard out the back of the truck.

The Lighting

Same as before but now that we were closer in we could get a little more light reduction out of the Neg so that helped to create some more shape.

The Result

Set Up #3 - The Sunny Wide

The Shot

Same as Shot #1.

The Lighting

The back light helped pull the subjects out of the background and instead of 2 12x12s of Neg like on the overcast day we used one Neg and one 12x12 Ultrabounce.

The Ultra was placed frame left to help wrap the back light around a little bit more on our hero talent.

The Result

Set Up #4 - The Sunny Medium

The Shot

Same as Shot #2

The Lighting

We used the same technique as above but because we were in closer we could now throw in a 12x12 overhead diffusion.  We went with Hi-Lite to retain some of the hardness but just take the edge off the sun.  

Then on the ground we used the bounce from frame left and the neg from frame right

The Result

Set Up #5 - The Water Exit

The Shot

Our hero talent exits the water and gives a wave to the onlookers.

The Lighting

This shot was all about angle to the sun and walking with a little bounce board to get some level back on to our hero's face.

The Result

Full Frame

Shot #6 - The Couple

The Shot

The couple acknowledges the hero talent and give a little wave back.

The Lighting

Here we cut the sun with a smaller Hi-lite because the wind was picking up in the later parts of the afternoon.

We went with the same techniqe as the parking lot suny shots by skipping in a little Ultra Bounce light from frame left as well.

Frame right we used a pop up tent with solid black walls to act as Neg because it didn't require a set of hands in the windy conditions.

The Result

Shot #7- The Dude

The Shots

Our hero talent takes in the view.

The Lighting

Same as above.

The Result

Shot #8 - End Frame

The Shot

We needed a big wide shot with some offset in the frame to bring up the logo as an end frame.

The Lighting

There was a small bounce frame right to try and lift the backs of the couple ever so lightly and that was it.  Sun was just out of frame right and the rest was au natural.

The Result

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