We have a great one today with cinematographer Mandy Walker ASC.  She just wrapped up shooting Mulan and is on to chat about the incredible process behind the film, the extensive testing, her approach to prep on a film this big and more.

It was great chatting with Mandy and I look forward to checking out Mulan in the theaters.


P.S. I also messed up the intro.  This is indeed episode #215.  Yeow!

Patreon Podcast - Mulan

This week on the Feature Film breakdown we figured let's double up and go big for Mandy Walker week.  We are looking at the Mulan trailer to breakdown some of the ideas Mandy discussed on the podcast.

We look at the color, the lighting, the format and more.  

Lots of great images and even more fun after hearing Mandy describe the lengths they went to in order to get the images on the day.

To see the images and listen to the special breakdown podcast click the link below:

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Featured Guest - Mandy Walker ASC

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Instagram: @mandywalkerdp

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